George - A meeting of the minds


This is George. He was born in Africa. This encounter was one of the reasons I first fell in love with the animals at Wildlife Safari. It was an emotional few minutes, at least from my perspective. I had stopped to look at him and was struck by the fact that he was not only looking at me too, but looking straight into my eyes. I can't explain the feeling. I got the impression of a wise, but sad, old man who had something to tell me.. who needed me to understand.

I get goosebumps again just writing about it.

I was so touched by this encounter that I went home and attempted to write down what I felt.


Look at me
he whispered silently
not with words
but with his eyes

see me…
he drew me in
I couldn’t pass him by

What might he have to say?

he looked at me with eyes
that could see into my soul
listen to me, he pleaded
let me show you what I know

he held me captive with wizened eyes
chains as strong as the iron bars between us

he spoke to me of freedom
he showed me carefree days
spent on dusty plains…
watering holes…torrid rain

I felt the elation
of running with the herd

as he spoke to me of yearning
I began to understand
that he was home…
yet his spirit longed
for things that might have been

hear me, he spoke silently
please…. just know who I am.


Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Faye, I got goosebumps reading your poem. The photo of George is wonderful, and he does seem to be speaking with his eyes. I love the last line of your poem "please....just know who I am."

Heidi said...

This whole post... beautiful! There are no words on how special this all is. Lovely, Faye!

Mary Helen said...


Kerri said...

Beautiful Faye....absolutely beautiful!

Kate said...

Your photo with the accompanying poem is wonderful. Elephants are my favorite animals because of their loyalty and love for one another.

Baruch said...

This poem came from your heart I can tell - a well written and emotional poem which brought tears to my eyes. As an ex South African I could feel, understand and share the emotions you saw in the eyes of George ......

Christy said...

Mother, I loved your poem, and it gave me chicken skins when I read it again. I've read it before, but I guess I never felt the depth of it until now. Funny how moving 2,500 miles away from home will make you appreciate things more! :)

tricia said...

Very powerful piece. I love it.

Dina said...

Oh, you give me tears, you two.