Being Different - Black Buck

Black Buck Too

Black Buck

I really like this little black buck. She is different from all the others both in shape and color. The others are very sleek and slim and none of the others have this white on their facs.

This one has come up to the car and let me pet her twice. The first time it was pouring rain out and she pressed up against the car to get warm I think. I LOVE when an animal lets me touch them.

If you click on the Black Buck link below you can see what the normal animal looks like.


Cathy - As the World Flops said...

She is different but still very neat in her own little way. I could just take her home with me.. Do you think she would get along with Miss Emma Sue?

photowannabe said...

Hmm...looks like someone else got in the act. Very different but such a sweet face. Maybe because she's different she's an outcast and needed a bit of friendly company.

Sandy said...'ve updated. I forgot you had this blog! She is adorable.

Paz said...

Wonderful photos. Wonderful blog!


Firefly said...

She is a little cuty pie and does look friendly. I specially like the close up shot.