Sika Deer and Sarus Crane

Animals get along well at the Wildlife Safari. Its peaceful to watch them mingle naturally in the different areas.

Sika Deer and Siris Crane

Interesting Facts
To the natives of India, the Sarus Crane is a symbol of a happy marriage. Crane pairs perform elaborate courtship dances, combining leaping, bowing, prancing, and calling in duet.
The bare skin on the head and neck changes in color and intensity with the bird’s mood, providing another way for the cranes to communicate.
Sarus Cranes are very powerful fliers, and are most often seen flying in a line or V-formation.
They are very hardy birds, able to survive severe winters.

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photowannabe said...

The crane has such a beautiful red head and neck.
I like the shot of the 2 creatures together. Nicely compositioned.