OK so they didn't really skin him but when you look at the next photo and see what he used to look like... he's skinned

Skinned Shotzy

This used to be Shotzy :) An employee one time said since they are wild llamas they don't sheer them but I think the recent hot spell changed their minds. They all look so funny. I don't think they had professional sheerers lol.. but I know the llamas feel better.


Nita said...

Can you imagine how hot it must be under that big old heavy coat?

Sometimes a hair cut just isn't pretty. lol It'll grow out.

photowannabe said...

A really heavy coat for summertime, but my goodness that's not the greatest haircut I have ever seen. Little Shotzy looks like he has a grey beard.

vicci said...

Thank-you so much for posting all these photos! I love your blog! I adore all I check your blog often! :-)

Sonia said...

Great photos!