Papa and Baby Rhea

It cooled down enough for me to get back out to the Wildlife Safari today and what a treat I had. Babies everywhere!

This baby Rhea was so precious he almost made me cry. There were lots of these babies but I couldn't get into a position to get them all. I will definately go back tomorrow and try to get more.

Baby Rhea

The male rhea sits on the eggs and raises the babies. This poor male looked worn out from taking care of this brood but he was doing a good job. When he saw I was between him and his kids he hurried over to gather them up.

Papa Rhea


Sonia said...

Stunning photos! Well done! I am looking forward to see more photos!

Sandy said...

WOWOWOWOW...oops i meant to say...I LOVE these two guys...or girls...just magnificent catch..

Kate said...

Hip, Hip, Hoorah for tending males!! I mean for males who tend their brood!

tricia said...