Taryn, A Lonely Rhino

Taryn was down off her hill today but she looks so sad. She would eat for awhile and then just lay her head down on the trough. If rhinos could sigh, she would have.

Taryn lost her companion, Shoddy, this year. When Shoddy died he was 46, the oldest rhino in the US.


taryn close up


photowannabe said...

This is too sad. I hope the mate will be a perfect match.
Keep us posted.

Kate said...

Oh, I am so amazed at the emotions and ties between animals. I hope that she soon finds a companion!!

Anonymous said...

safari staff again. you photo breaks my heart, it capture our princess perfectly. this isn't her notrmal disposition. just a little while longer :) thanks for sharing!

Rajesh Dangi said...

sad... perhaps we could read their minds and help share the sadness!!

Kimberley said...

The black and white here was an awesome choice! Fabulous shots!