Brown Bear Snack

OK no more llamas for awhile.. I promise.

The bears will be hibernating soon. I'll miss them. The Wildlife Safari is one of the few wildlife preserves that allow the bears to hibernate naturally in winter.

This bear found a plant to taste

but I don't think he liked it. YUK!


Marc said...

That's a big bear. I like the top one. Looks like you're right on top of him.

Salty Dawg said...

Gorgeous Grizz pics! The background scene is very nice as well, not your usual shot taken in captivity!

Faye Pekas said...

Salty Dawg, the "captivity" here is a lot different from a zoo. These bears live in a large compound with two ponds, lots of places to burrow or climb. We are allowed to drive through the compound to see them but it clearly belongs to them.

photowannabe said...

Great capture. It looks like you are in Alaska somewhere. The Wildlife Park has the right idea.

Kate said...

I've missed some of your most recent photos and I love the llamas and bear photographs that I haven't seen!!