Safari Treats

Both my blogs are long today and I apologize if they are slow to download for you. They each tell a story so multiple images are necessary.

This is Claire. She was giving the animals treats today. They came running from all directions.

The yak seemed to like the peppers

The sika deer liked the peppers too and just about everything else

including checking out the boxes to see what was left.

The black buck checked out the oranges

The nilgai munched on the apples

and the carrots.

The goose looked for anything she could find without getting stepped on

but Claire got the best treat of all. She got to pat a few noses and scratch an ear or two. I want her job.


Kate said...

The vegetables on the ground next to the feeding animals are so vibrant!

kaye said...

Great set of shots. That woman has a fun job! :)

Kimberley said...

The color of the peppers etc contrast great with the browns! Love it

outdoorexposure said...

great series...don't know they love the peppers:-P kinda fun to go feed them....nice capture:-))

Anonymous said...

A great series of shots, Faye. Yes, you'd love this job. Would they let you set up your camera while you were feeding the animals? :D

I thought the vegetable colors were really vibrant. I'm sure they animals like the colors too. Aren't they just too wonderful?? Nita

G1toons said...

this is a great blog i come here to sketch animals now while i am playblasting, great photos