Lions and Leaves

Another sure sign Fall is here. I laughed when I saw this. Mother Nature is not afraid to drop leaves, even on the king of the jungle.


kaye said...

Ahh, how relaxing. Those leaves just go to show how relaxed and confident the king of the jungle is!

pril said...

hi faye, dropping in again. I have cats that lay like this. It's so weird to look at a cat and think, "Wow this guy's related to lions and cheetahs and things". Cos cats just look so dumb sometimes!

I used to be much closer to Roseburg than i am now. Was in Coos Bay, now in Klam Falls.

Anonymous said...

hello from Coos Bay. :) This is such a friendly photo. I would laugh at this too. Sort of like Mother Nature being playful. I like this one. Nita