The wildebeest -also known as the gnu is a large antelope. The bull's deep grunts sound like a giant croaking frog. Because of its appearance and spirited behavior, Dutch settlers in South Africa named the animal wildebeest, which means wild beast.

Wildebeest migrate, or travel, more than 800 miles. Always on the move, they search for green grass and water. It is not uncommon for many members of the herds to perish at river crossings during these migrations.

Wildebeest have increased greatly in number in recent years. In 1950, a census revealed approximately 100,000 individuals in the Serengeti region; today about 1.5 million wildebeest are believed to be present.

Its hard to get a good shot of a wildebeest's eyes because of the black background. This is as close as I could get.


Kate said...

I have watched videos of their migrations, and they are amazing animals. Amazing fotos also. Good work!

photowannabe said...

Faye, Why haven't I looked at this site before? I don't know but it certianly was my loss. Now its found and am I glad. Pictures are supurb.

kaye said...

Beautiful shots. I never realized the stripes on these guys before. And what is on the end of his one antler there?