East African Crowned Crane

Can't upload a photo so this is a repeat of a January post.

I could swear this guy was posing for me. I got tons of photos of him before he wondered off. This is an East African Crowned Crane.These are his actual colors. Such a gorgeous bird.


Kate said...

Faye, what camera do you use? Lens? Your photos are so vivid and delightful with details. Your blog is the first one my 4-yr-old granddaughter wants to see, and you have been giving her (and us) a great education!

Faye Pekas said...

Kate, I use a Canon 20D. The lens I use mostly for the animal photos is a Canon 75-300-IS.

Everything I know about photography I learned on a website called DPChallenge. There is a link to it from my other blog. I highly recommend it.

kate said...

Thanks for the info, Faye. I'll check the link, too.