Maggie is a boy!!! Thanks Katie

I was just looking at some past posts of "Maggie" and discovered a comment I hadn't seen before. The comment is:

Katie said...
Faye, I have bad news. "Maggie" is a boy. His name is Blues, because of his blue eyes, an undesirable trait in show llamas, which the herd was before it was donated to the Safari. the herd has now gone feral, so they don't get shaved.

Katie, thanks so much for this comment. Please feel free to correct anything I post in error. Thanks for the additional information too. Any additional information you can give on the animals would be very much appreciated.

Oh, and it wasn't bad news. Now he will just have to be handsome instead of beautiful.

Hmmmm Maggie Blues? No, being a guy he would probably prefer something macho like Magnum Blues. Ya think?


Kekiinani said...

What a cutie. Just a hint of a smile there.. HA.. :)

kaye said...

Blue eyes undesirable... I never understood that kind of thing. He's a beautiful creature, and it's good to see that he's been given a wonderful home after being unwanted.

Neva said...

I'M SURE I don't want to be the one that has to "CHECK" to make sure he is a he!!!! nice pics.