New Life

Babies abound at the safari. This precious new Black Buck was enjoying his mothers attention. This was going to be my entry in the "New" challenge on DPC, but my ISP went down before I could enter it.

One of the park employees flagged me down to tell me where to look for this baby Nilgai. He said the mother just brought him out of hiding 5 minutes before.

While I was ohhhing and ahhhing over the baby Nilgai, a mother Canada goose walked up the hill with her babies.


Karen said...

The first picture is just adorable!!

TonyV said...

That first picture is wonderful. Tender and real. Would've done well in the challenge.

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mike fairbanks said...

I love duckling pics!!!! they're soo damn cute!!!

Jon said...

Aww, what cute little critters. Nice shots.

pidge said...

Ohh, this is what I love about spring... all the young fauna. Excellent captures!

kaye said...

The first shot is perfect! Too bad you didn't get to enter it for the challenge.