A Strange Happening in the Monkey World

There was a strange happening at the Wildlife Safari today. On Feb 11 I introduced a monkey that has a stuffed monkey she carries everywhere. Today she was pulling the stuffing out of him. I think the first bit was an accident.

After awhile she was purposely pulling the stuffing out. She tasted it but evidently didn't like it and then she rubbed it on her face. I'm sure she was confused about what was coming out of her best friend. It's sad because she is going to wonder what happened to it. I hope one of the park employees patches it up for her

I didn't see how it ended. She was just staring at it when I left.

I know these photos are bad. I couldn't get very close and I thought the story was worth the bad photos.


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is sad. I, too, hope the park staff see this and fix it. It'd probably take a long time to get used to a new one. I'm glad you captured this, even if they aren't your best pictures. You just couldn't leave then untaken. I'd be doing everything I could to get these. :)

Anonymous said...

Has she gotten her friend back yet?