Day 31 - This is my DPC entry in the Wildlife II Challenge. I love it so I'm repeating it here. My entry came in 64th out of 259. Thats not bad when you consider the competition. I think it would have scored higher but the photos were supposed to be taken in a natural habitat, not a zoo, and some voters assumed it was a zoo photo. I don't consider the Wildlife Safari a zoo. There were 90,028 votes.


Anonymous said...

Faye, the facial detail is incredible.
This is a fantastic shot. 64th ain't bad, I guess. You deserved a higher score. Nita

Marc said...

I agree, the detail is great. I always like looking at your wildlife shots.

mike fairbanks said...

I didnt vote in that one, but same as a zoo in my mind, sorry. Still a great print, and I must say the "zoo" setting is not as obvious as in some Ive seen, lol.

Linda said...

Congrats on placing so well with such amazing competition.

I love the look in this cats eyes. Like she/he is studying something off in the distance. Nice DOF too.