Gemsbok - Oryx Gazella

Day 17 - The Gemsbok is a very striking animal with dramatic features and long spear like horns.

Originally, various oryx species were found in all of Africa's arid regions. One species that occurred on the Arabian Peninsula was exterminated recently but has now been reintroduced into the wild from captive stock. Well adapted to the conditions of their hot, arid habitats, oryx can live as long as 20 years.


Loretta said...

Thats an interesting animal you have got there. I have never seen one before. Are they like goats or cattle?

I love the top shot where he is looking straight at the camera. Your timing in that shot is perfect.

Chopper said...

I'm going to be perverse and go completely the other way to Loretta... I like the second shot! It really shows the striking markings on his face.
(BTW I love the fact that you give a few words about each animal that you photograph.)