Day 21 - This emu got me in trouble today. He leaned into my car, and plucked out a small box containing a AA battery. He dropped it on the ground right away but, knowing how harmful a battery could be if an animal swollowed it, I rushed back to the gate to report the incident. I left, confident that the situation would be taken care of, but kept worrying that the person I talked to might not take it as serious as I thought it was. So.. I drove back to the place where I was robbed, and sure enough the battery box was still on the ground. Being an obeyer of rules, I heeded the "Please stay in your car" sign and sat and waited until a park employee drove by. When I flagged her down and pointed out the box, she said she had been notified of the theft and was looking for the dropped battery. Now I can sleep tonight.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds just like you. And these animals have become your friends, even if this one caused a ruckus and is guilty of theft.

I thought you might be at the Safari today. :)

Another great shot, of course. And I still want your camera. Nita